Kale, it's not just a superfood...

For our first post, we thought it would be fun to feature a recent seasonal favorite, ornamental kale. The unconventional, cool cousin to iceberg lettuce, edible kale is a flowering vegetable that has recently captured the attention of the health and food industry. It is a superfood, rich in Vitamin C, iron, omega-3, and fiber that has been known to combat a range of diseases from cancer to diabetes. 

On top of kale’s impressive health benefits, we’ve found ornamental kale to be a fun alternative in floral arrangements. The hearty leaves create a nice contrast with softer, more delicate flowers providing additional support in structural arrangements and bouquets. Depending on what color kale, we’ve found it is also a great and subtle way to introduce statement colors like purple. 

Here is a recent tablescape we made back in November:

To join the kale revolution, check out National Kale Day's website.