The South Meets Southwest

The bride was from Kentucky, the groom from Arizona. They wanted a wedding that symbolized the joining of their backgrounds. (Pretty sweet if you ask us). So here you have a a wedding where the South meets the Southwest.  

It started with a small ceremony where guests were seated at rustic wooden benches with the McDowell Mountains in the background. Behind the couple we created a living arch of ocotillo and firestick plants (later to be planted in the yard of their new home). 

The bride carried a bouquet that combined parts of her and Jonathan's life. Based in garden roses, roses, and peonies, we then incorporated sweet grass roses from Kentucky (the South) and succulents (the Southwest) to perfectly achieve a Southern Southwest bouquet. Ginny also incorporated an heirloom to her bouquet,  her grandmother's handkerchief, that perfect sentimental touch.

Then there was the reception! For each centerpiece we stacked barrel cacti or eucalyptus orbs to create a fun focal point in the center of each table; then on each side of the high point was a gold tray filled with mirroring patterns of coral (Big Fun) roses, succulents, and moss.

Every table was slightly different but perfectly complimentary. For a fun touch we wrapped each guest’s napkin with a band of fresh eucalyptus, which made the room smell amazing (bonus!).

So, why was this so cool to us? Well, it left a minimal environmental footprint. All of the plants, succulents, and cacti are now planted in the couple’s yard — pretty cool right?

We focus on the florals, but you can check out all the details on the photographer's blog.

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